The GAP Story

         ..began as an unlikely friendship between two very different women who discovered more in common than they could have ever imagined!  Differences in culture, age, race, socio-economic status, nor education could thwart God's plan that began to unfold on September 11, 2001.  A national tragedy that drew Americans together also revealed personal tragedies on that day...a day in our nation when strangers’ lives intertwined.  Such was the case with a young, single mother of three (a four year old son and two year old twin girls) who was living in a housing project and working at a local fast food restaurant, and a middle-aged stay at home wife and mother of two living in the suburbs of Augusta.  The initial common denominator was cancer.  One's four year old son recently diagnosed, receiving a poor prognosis, and the other a four year cancer survivor.  In the months that followed that first encounter, a friendship sparked and lives were changed for eternity: one embraced the Gospel message and discovered new found faith in Jesus Christ and the other's faith was renewed and challenged to spread beyond her "own little world." 
         Following the loss of her son, and both having experienced the peace and comfort in trials that faith in Jesus Christ brings, a desire to share that hope with other women who were struggling surfaced.  It was the second common denominator in their friendship.  Each one had something to give and something to receive from the other....a mutual give and take relationship that continued to grow over the years. 
         The first GAP Ministry class was held in the basement of Curtis Baptist Church on an April morning in 2002 with three participants.  The purpose--which still remains true today with over 100 participants--was to provide a safe refuge of encouragement and hope to women who are struggling with everyday life situations...and to  point them to the one, true Source of Hope. Through the teaching and modeling of practical life skills, instruction in God's Word and establishing lasting relationships, God is bridging the gap between the Church and the community and lives are being changed and homes impacted with God's unconditional love and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is in His name that we gather and in His work that we joyfully participate.